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Jin shares won the 2008 Golden Panda Award again "Best Matching Products Award"

  From January 8 to 9, 2019, the 2nd China (Chengdu) New Energy Vehicle Summit Forum, sponsored by CDEVAPA and tram resources, was held in a grand ceremony. On the evening of January 8, the "Golden Panda Award Presentation Ceremony of the Third China New Energy Vehicle" was solemnly held and the nine awards were officially unveiled. Among them, "Best Matching Products Award" is divided into three groups according to the matching products: batteries, electric motors and other matching parts. With its excellent product quality, leading technological innovation and industry evaluation, Tianjin shares stand out in many new energy power systems and again won the Golden Panda "Best Matching Products Award" in 2008.

行业认可 | 天劲股份再次荣膺2018金熊猫奖“最佳配套产品奖”


  China's Golden Panda Award for New Energy Vehicles has entered its third year. Successive selection of the Golden Panda Awards adheres to the principle of "fairness, openness and impartiality". It has a wide range of participation and great influence, and attracts much attention in the industry. China New Energy Vehicle Golden Panda Award in 2018 has nine awards. Many excellent enterprises in the new energy automobile industry, such as vehicle factories, operators, e-commerce logistics enterprises, online car travel platform companies, three-power systems, charging matching, new energy passenger vehicles/logistics vehicles, participated in the selection. Tianjin shares again highlight the encirclement to win the "best supporting products award" honor is the strength of Tianjin shares certification.

行业认可 | 天劲股份再次荣膺2018金熊猫奖“最佳配套产品奖”
行业认可 | 天劲股份再次荣膺2018金熊猫奖“最佳配套产品奖”


  In order to better display the innovative benchmark enterprises and products of this year, encourage and commend the enterprises and individuals who have devoted themselves to the construction of the new energy automobile industry, so as to help the vigorous development of China's new energy automobile industry, in line with the principle of "fairness, openness and fairness", this Golden Panda Award is selected from three aspects: market sales, supporting services and technological innovation. 。

In 2018, Tianjin shares achieved 308.71M Wh for power batteries, and the three-dimensional flexible packaging machine for special vehicles continued to rank first in China, ranking first in the field of pure electric vehicles, and fourth in the field of passenger vehicles. In the field of passenger cars, Tianjin shares mainly support pure electric passenger cars, the volume of Three-Yuan flexible packaging machine increased by 343.1% year-on-year, and the soft package intelligent manufacturing technology has gained the leading position in the industry.
At present, Tianjin has mass-produced three-component soft-pack batteries with specific energy density of 240Wh/kg and energy density of 150 Wh/kg for the three-component system. For the 511hVDA three-component soft-pack batteries specially launched in the passenger car market, the single energy density reaches 260Wh/kg and the system energy density reaches 160Wh/kg or more. At present, the three-component soft-pack batteries have passed the national inspection certification and many power battery products have entered 2018. Recommended catalogue; and has begun to Chery Automobile, Dongfeng Liuzhou, Great Wall Oula and other automotive enterprises supporting. In terms of R&D, Tianjin Stock Co., Ltd. is planning to launch a 60Ah VDA high nickel 811 product by the end of 2019, with a single energy density of 280Wh/kg. The target customer is the high-end passenger car market, with a range of 500 km. Annual production capacity will reach 10 Gwh, which can meet the distribution demand of 300,000 new energy vehicles.

行业认可 | 天劲股份再次荣膺2018金熊猫奖“最佳配套产品奖”